Olga Rozhnova & Voyage: Doroga

Label/DistributionRussian Disc
Musical styleMelodic Metal, Power Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Another sovjet record that hardly turns up nowadays and according to the lame A-side with just the title track and "Грусть" being kinda Melodic Metal, I feel reminded off weaker SPRUT stuff, basically metallic Hard Rock with hints towards Melodic Metal, definitely not what I did expect from this band. After already marking it under "wasted money" the B-side opened hell on earth!
My newly adopted kitten had his first experience with Heavy Metal music and quickly disappeared under the couch for about 5 min! If that's not a good sign for the class of Voyage's songs, then I don't know! Seriously, "Белый Снег" is a damn epic Metal track but the following material offers serious parallels to ARIA's "Geroi Asfalta". 2 x outstanding speedy Power Metal from Russia in other words while "Вот и Всё" is a nice ballad with basically same style like "Белый Снег". The guitar work is once again phenomenal, so I need to ask, WHY the hell, did you put that lame shit on side A????
For the Metal as fuck B-side it's a must to hear! Not kidding here ...

К Счастью Путь
Белый Снег
Мы Все Зависим Друг от Друга
Защитить Своей Судьбой
Вот и Всё

Created / updated: 2012-06-24