Galaktika: Atmosphere Glasnost

Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoNote that most of the titles and names are written to the closest way they seem, as all what is written in the LP is written in russian language!
Rarity grading
1 out of 6 - Getting hard to find!


Well, perhaps this is a band not for all of you, I mean, most of you won’t find much reasons to see it reviewed here, but I do it because this piece of vinyl deserves it. Maybe one of the few antecedents of this opus is the DEMON’s album British Standard Approved” or maybe The Plague”… the three are similar in some aspects, but are not a carbon copy for sure. The first tracks called something like Labapet” is a very heavy piece with some strange guitar distortion and even more strange vocals, a bit in the way of the German industrial bands…the drums are slow and almost monotonous, which is the clear intention. There is a demential guitar solo, which ends where the song continues. Also there are lots of support keyboards, giving a touch of atmosphere. Rare, still interesting, though. Grabar Ha Yephyio Bohy C Mocta” (or something like that) is a song which strongly remind us some Pink Floydish stuff…in the beginning it is based on guitars and keyboards, later the vocals enters and are done in a very different way than in the previous song. The vocals are more normal, and the tracks gets some epic touch, a bit melancholic at parts due to the keys and relaxing guitars, plus some sound effects and discrete organs. This tracks extends almost 10 minutes long, and certainly, the song needed such long time to get the right sense it was planned. The end it’s surprising since is quite simple, just the instruments stops and nothing else. For R Metal”, things change totally…the song is a very good piece of Power Metal with double bassdrum, fast guitars and aggression, which is a great contrast with that we just heard. In fact the guitar solo is pretty effective. The vocals aren’t strange now, better said are very metallic, so to speak A nice track to close the side A… The side B opener song, bears the album title, and is also a Heavy Metal song at mid time, whose guitar sound sounds a bit strange…there’s a small break featuring a fragment of folkish music, and the song ends without much surprising things. 37-N” is a cut very similar to the opener song of this lp, so, as you might think, this is not another traditional song…the strange effect and singing makes it a bit tedious after a while, but after all, it is a pretty interesting song in terms of originality….It even includes a fast drum in the middle, together with that rare guitar, and then returns to the initial structure and sound… For the last song, Ot Bnhhnubi Ao Hnuubi”, the band gets another incredible transformation into a very convincent heavy metal song at mid tempo and some good choruses and riffs, maybe a bit more commercial than the other two metal songs here. All these style changes makes us think on a band desperately looking to hit the right nail playing various styles, but actually I think they were a bunch of guys just making music as they feel it.. As I mentioned before, this is not an album for all of you, but take it as a souvenir in the Metal World!

Grabar Ha Yephyio Bohy C Mocta
R Metal
Atmocepe Iaachoctn
Ot Bnhhnubi Ao Hnuubi

Created / updated: 2011-02-09
Jose Luis Cano