Laramie: Rock on

Label/Distribution F.D. Productions
Musical styleHard Rock
Additional infoProbably never came with PS
Rarity grading
5 out of 6 - Almost impossible to find!


Hand on your heart, who knows about this 7"? The ROCK SHOTT 7" and 12" are known to most collectors but who has ever heard the LARAMIE single?
Musicwise it isn't tragic if you haven't yet. I think it's mainly interesting for collectors of obscure South/Middle America Metal vinyls. Their sound was Hard'n'Heavy Rock based with a slightly dose of R'n'R on the flipside. Basically both songs do not sound much worse than countless US Hard Rock singles from the very early 80's and in case you wouldn't know the band was hailing from Puerto Rico, you'd probably guess they are from Orlando/Florida or somewhere in Montana. A solid Heavy Rock affair for die-hard collectors of obscurities. Interesting piece ...

Rock on
Can you Rock and Roll

Created / updated: 2015-07-27