Voodoo: Same

Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoOfficially re-released on CD by the band in 2013 (limited edition of 1000), available through: www.voodoo.net.pl
Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


Honestly, I do not have a clue why this LP remains unrecognized and almost forgotten by fans of 80s Heavy/Power Metal. All ingredients for a tasty 'pie of steel' are assured: excellent songwriting, twin-guitar melodies, a pounding drum and an edaquate vocalist. Uptempo songs like "Metal mania", "Gdzie biegniesz" or "Bezkresny cien" simply rule and also the two semi-ballads are very listenable. The rarity grading depends on where you live, because it seems to be a common record over there in poland but quite difficult to come by outside of its homeland, although it usually sells for 5-10€. For fans of Eastern Europe Metal (you name it: ARIA, KAT, TURBO,...) or Heavy/Power Metal in general this LP is a must have.

1. Metalmania
2. Dzikie lustra
3. Gdzie biegniesz
4. Da czadu VooDoo
5. To już koniec
6. Dzwon serca
7. Bezkresny cień
8. Nie będę
9. Maszyn wrzask
10. Czas Voo Doo

Created / updated: 2014-03-02
Johannes Giesow