Turbo: Kawaleria Szatana

FormatLP, CD
Musical stylePower Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


Perhaps the best album from one of the most well-known Polish bands. TURBO have released dozens of albums but I think this is their finest moment. Influenced heavily by the German scene (that’s RUNNING WILD, HELLOWEEN, ACCEPT etc) TURBO give us an album of strong classic powerful heavy metal. Originality it’s not in it’s highest level here but it’s metal played with excessive passion, anger and sweat. What else do you need anyway? A classic release from the eastern block and highly recommended for those who are searching the metal scene of those countries.

Zotnierz fortuny
Dton potwora
Sztuczne oddychanie
Kometa Halleya
Kawaleria szatana czesc 1
Wybacz wszystkim wroqom
Kawaleria szatana czesc 2
Ostatni qrzesznikow placz
Bramy galaktyk

Created / updated: 2013-05-16
John Panagiotopoulos