Open Fire: Lwy Ognia

Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoThis is the legendary "Lwy Ognia" album recorded in 1987. IT HAS NEVER BEN RELEASED!!! Because it was never out originally, there is no rarity-grading on this one!
Rarity grading
0 out of 6 - Not rare at all!


I always wonder why guys used the term Trash Metal (no, it´s no my mistake, not Thrash Metal) to describe their style. Their mistake? I don´t know. If someone would ask me for their style, with no doubt I would say that this is pure Speed Heavy Metal, with some small Thrash influences. Try to put fury of early Metallica (very early, before they cut off their hair and balls), together with fantastic atmosphere which you know from the debut MLP of Helloween or the first 2 Running Wild LPs, and then you will get something similar to what Open Fire is. Right now this band is almost totally forgotten - their only official release was the live split LP "Metalmania `87" - shared with another Polish legend: Stos. The same year when guys appeared live on Metalmania festival (together with bands such as Running Wild, Helloween or Over Kill), the "Lwy Ognia" LP was recorded. Only recorded - as after few press advertisements, nothing really happened. Few years later band splitted up. The most lucky ones could get copy of this recording from band members or their friends, the same with the great demo tracks from 1986. In 2002 guys from Metal Inquisitor - fantastic underground Heavy Metal band from Germany, recorded Open Fire cover song "Twardy Jak Skala" (sung in Polish language!), which you can find on their debut LP/CD "The Apparition" (Iron Glory Records). To sum it up: I dare to say that Open Fire was one of the very best Classic Metal bands that ever existed in Poland. If you want to get more info about this incredible squad, please check the site. (Note: picture which you can see is not the original cover artwork, as the album was never out - thise one is included with dubbed CDR or TAPE, as right now you have the chance to get this release only on this format).

2. Dzien Tysiaca Slonc
3. Open Fire
4. Ognie Swietego Elma
5. Metal Top 20
6. Widmowy Wladca
7. Twardy Jak Skala
8. Oddech Smierci
9. Ogien I Stal Zwycieza
10. Lwy Ognia

Created / updated: 2013-05-16
Bart Gabriel