City Limits: Para Sa Iyo

Label/DistributionGolden Music Arts
Musical styleHard Rock, Heavy Metal
Additional infono PS
Rarity grading
5 out of 6 - Almost impossible to find!


Absolutely obscure record even though I was 666 % sure that there must be Metal vinyls from asian countries such as Indonesia or in this case the Philippines since there are tons of Thailand, Malaysia and even a record from Laos on the market. It was just the proof of my thesis that had to be found and finally it's in my dirty fingers now. CITY LIMITS do not differ musically to the well known bands from Malaysia or Indonesia, it's just a little bit more rough edged in the guitar sound, but maybe that's the right input to label at least the B-side track 80's style Heavy Metal. Not even a bad song, pretty brisky with even good vocals but also several keyboard parts, but having a few pretty heavy double bass parts included. The A-side is forgettable, a cheesy ballad like it's known from all malay albums but without it CITY LIMITS would never have been able to release anything. For those who wonder why malay, thai and indonesian bands had 70 % of their album material being just Pop Metal, love ballads and other crap, they simply had no other choice. The record labels forced radio friendly material from their bands. A few pure Metal songs were accepted but the majority of the material had to be poppy or even better a love ballad. That's why bands like BLACKFIRE never got a record in the 80's. But back to topic, such a record like this 7" is surely a jewel in the crown of your obscure World Metal collection. You can be sure that there will be just 1 or 2 other Europeans to say "I have that one too" or will ever be able to say that at least.

Para Sa Iyo
Pesteng Bisyo

Created / updated: 2012-09-02