Black Angels: Destroy/Wild'n'hot

Label/DistributionAngel Records
Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Oh baby I'm comin'...what the Fleisch is that...when Norway offers bands like the Black Angels why the hell we got molested by thousands of senseless TNT LP's? Damn, I could rage out of control...anyways, this is what I call Heavy Metal! Despite of the silly outfits they used to wear... musically they were one of the best bands in Europe, at least the 2 tracks on this EP here. "Destroy" is a Metal smasher, simply built up but effective with epic touches and great guitar solos like you heard thousand times on other records before, but it always sounds killer. "Wild'n'hot" is a slower, even more epic but not less interesting track (no Nöky, it's no Sleaze Rock like the title may let you think!) that you can play at every party and being sure that just EVERYONE will start crying "Wiihiild ahand hot!" and bangs his fucking head...and then it's time for the guitar solo again...oh my goat...who were the deaf men in Norway who did not realize the class of this band? Bring me their heads right away! The EP has got a raw production that makes it to a truly killer vinyl piece...ah yeah, I forgot about the solo on "Wild'n'hot" that reminds me partly to "For whom the bell tolls"... Both records were released at the same year so who the fuck stole it from the other? I guess Metallica stole it from Black Angels...oh and in addition, please, could anyone find out where the band members are living nowadays that I can make sure they will release an LP with their old material...???


Created / updated: 2012-01-17