Nazgul: Good demons

Label/DistributionOut of Order
Musical styleCrossover
Additional infoComes with insert.
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


An insanely rare and even more unknown piece vinyl from New Zealand that I once (about 10 years ago) discovered on a list of all vinyls ever released by a New Zealand band. Of corpse style wasn't mentioned there but that name Nazgul didn't made me expecting any Synth Pop band at all. It's no Synthie Pop I can tell you, it's an extreme Crossover (HC/Punk) band with some Thrash influences and a sound that it's easy to unriddle when I tell you their guitarist is an Irokese Punk wearing a Venom shirt! The opener "Good demons" immediately made me thinking of bands like Venom or NME seriously, especially the bassy sound and the clanking drums that makes you expecting Abaddon himself behind the kit! The rest is typical ruthless and fast HC/Punk with a very few (Thrash) Metal related parts. "Farce" on the B-side shows an even more extreme Grindcore style with blast beats till they continue the gig (the B-side features a live recording that doesn't differes that much from the studio A-side) with the usual HC/Crossover. What a violent band whose musicians couldn't handle their instruments at all but seriously, they don't need that. Nazgul had 2 vocalists, one guy with an absolutely inhuman deep roaring voice (almost Death Metal alike) and a chick that sounds similar to the aussie HC/Metal band Gash. Of corpse the growler fits better to their brutal songs but you will sadly hear him performing only on the studio side. Since I couldn't find any info on this album at any place in the www I decided to include it here. It's simply to important for the NZ Metal/HC scene and highly interesting for some Crossover fans to leave it out. It's the most extreme 80's record of a NZ band btw! All sickos may watch out for this gem! You won't regret!

Good demons
Nuclear baby mutants
Practice what you preach
Be no more
Practice what you preach
Private war

Created / updated: 2011-01-17