Mantra: Night street lady

Musical styleHard Rock
Additional infono PS
Rarity grading
5 out of 6 - Almost impossible to find!


Almost a whole decade I was searching for this babe but nothing is impossible to find when you're patient enough. The internet says this band was consisting of Maoris though it's hard to imagine by the music performed on this 7" which was their second one and by the titles of the debut EP 1981 I doubt this contains any heavier Rock than "Night street lady". The title track is quite heavy pounding with NWOBHM hints all the time, starting right with the melodic twin leads at the beginning. I'd consider it early Heavy Metal even though the quality of the songwriting itself isn't that superior but it's a rough number with raw guitar sound. B-side offers Hard Rock that at the very beginning reminds me a bit to MARQUIS DE SADE in the opening section, which especially the guitar sound is guilty for. But then right after the main riff started it's just classic Hard Rock not much better than all the unsung NWOBHM bands that you pay 100 E for but you just get some metallic Rock in return. What I wanna say, NWOBHM collectors can watch out for this one as well as collectors of obscure World Metal, the rest just concentrates on the mainstream stuff as usual. Both songs are offering High school niveau and are just too short to waste a fortune for 'em, though I somehow like it, especially the catchy beer tent song "Night street lady".

Night street lady
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Created / updated: 2011-01-17