Disabuse: Sorrow and perdition

FormatMini-LP, Mini-CD
Musical styleThrash Metal
Additional infoComes with insert
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


The rating above just counts for the vinyl of corpse. A MCD re-release (slightly different cover) was made in 1997 so you have the chance to listen to one of Hollands most important Thrash vinyls ever! To find the original MLP will prohably cause some headaches. As far as the cover sleeve reveals it must be a private pressing. The only address you can find is the recording studio's one. I doubt they pressed more than 1000 vinyls as seldom as a copy surfaces. I have to repeat myself once again, "Sorrow and perdition" belongs to Hollands most important and rude 80's Thrash vinyls! I guess SODOM's "Persecution Mania" had a huge influence of DISABUSE's musicial development judging by the similar but ways more wicked Thrash type they used to play at that time. The one making this album sounding that wicked is without any doubts Archy who sounds like Mille on "Bonebreaker" all the time! Got the picture? "Persecution Mania" with an early Mille Petrozza on vox. Any questions left? Guess not...buy or die!

Monastery of malice
Fast but not first
Electric death
Master of prayer
Just for the kick
Cry of the child

Created / updated: 2011-01-17