Megaton: Same

Label/DistributionGAS Records
Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


This mexican band has a history a bit long before they recorded their first (and only) album. They had to wait some years to get an stable line-up and start to do things more professional. They played live everywhere they were invited, also they did some tv shows, which gave them good promotion, even they got a deal with the local GAS records (CRISTAL Y ACERO, APOCALIPSIS, etc). The result is this piece of fine metal, just equalled to the cool LUZBEL.

The album breaks out with Niños del 2000” (Children of year 2000) is the typical heavy metal song of European influence with very good changes, and even better vocals. The song rides in mid tempo, a bit upper sometimes. The solo goes as it must be, not lots of notes united with glue, just feeling. The dosis is repeted in Poseido ” (Possessed), which is a great twin guitar attack, very melodic, but without even loosing the power; the vocals are, again, well performed, which gives you the impression that if this album would have been a bit better produced, all would have been a bit more appreciated. Just to mention a curios fact, the technical assessor was no other than Howard Steel, who worked with the Rolling Stones, fex. The ballad Con los brazos abiertos”(With arms wide open) is simply a song with deep feeling, which far of being a honey-filled song, it is a very well done ballad, still powerful and relevant, not boring as you see most of times. A similar example would be the Helloween’s Tale that was right”, not in terms of rip-offing, but in intensity. The destructive Vida después de la muerte” (Life after death) enters without mercy with great riffing and melodramatic vocals, with hard touches of melody, excellent song one can’t miss.The two side opener Llamado de Rock” (Rock’s call) is also heavy and aggressive, smashing poser brains. Perhap their music was not so complex and technique, but they had the touch” to put the right riff in the righ place at the right time. Another piece of heaviness, which remembers me a bit the far and good Motley Crue, is Bajo control” (In control). Inexorable as lava out of a volcano, this song is dynamic and catching. Rising up the speed, we have the very rocker and good Mala mujer” (Bad woman) which continues with the standard of this album: good songs which go to the point, and take no prisoners. Still the vocals continue being the highlight here and all the album long. Here I can say that, strangely, the whole music of this album was recorded first and the vocals several months after, because the bands wasn’t able of getting a suitable vocalist anywhere. Finally they got this young guy (19 yo then) and the surprise was enormous. Sadly, the vocalist and the whole band dissapeared just when the future seemed to be brighty. The next song is the ballad Príncipe” (Prince) which actually san be considered as the weakest track here. The golden close comes with the fast El precio” (The price) . This is like a snakebite, fast and deadly, just the expected finalle for such a great album of elegant Metal. This album was never issued on CD format, and will never be as it seems. The very few lp pressing sold very well and you can’t find a copy anywhere, but at least tape/CD-R trading can help if you want to listen to these warriors with few luck.

1) Ninos Del 2000
2) Poseido
3) Con Los Brazos Abiertos
4) Vida Despues De La Muerte

1) Llamado De Rock
2) Bajo Control
3) Mala Mujer
4) Principe
5) El Precio

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Jose Luis Cano