Loudness: Thunder in the East

Label/DistributionMusic For Nations (Euro Vinyl Release)
FormatLP, CD
Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoReleased in 2 versions on LP (for Europe and U.S.A.) and in 3 versions on CD! Only the Curcio Editore Italian press was released for Europe and nowadays is a real rarity! The DENON Japanese limited edition is an absolute gem, highly rated and almost impossible to find!!! Other Releases: LP U.S.A. (white border) - 2 CD/Obi ltd. - 4 CD Curcio - 3
Rarity grading
0 out of 6 - Not rare at all!


I'm shure most of you know this classic very well! Songs like "Crazy Night" (and overall its historical main riff), "Like Hell" (was released as a promo videoclip), "Heavy Chains" (Epic Metal, or what?!) and the explosive "Clockwork Toy" are simply some of the best Heavy Rock pieces ever written,
and Japan must be really proud of this 1985 Loudness' effort. Unfortunately each CD version of this kickass album is so hard to find nowadays, and only one of them (the Italian reissue by Curcio Editore) was officially printed for Europe. The super-deluxe package of the limited Japanese press (issued in the early 90s),that I personally own, features an original Akira
Takasaki's guitar pick, a wonderful glittered sticker and, of course, the OBI, the lyrics and the original artwork! I suggest to go out on the hunt for this gem that will shine for sure within your collection! Also the American LP press is quite "chic", including lyrics and a bit different cover (the "Thunder in the East" writing is different, and also the borders are white instead of black). A must.

Crazy Nights 4.04
Like Hell 3.44
Heavy Chains 4.18
Get Away 3.55
We Could Be Together 4.35
Run For Your Life 3.48
Clockwork Toy 3.55
No Way Out 4.01
The Lines Are Down 4.57
Never Change You Mind 4.09

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Massimo Machetti