Aiming High: Welcome home from your hell / Vengeance is mine

Label/DistributionDozin Destroyer
Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoLimited edition of 500 copies.
Rarity grading
1 out of 6 - Getting hard to find!


Hell yeah, a total metal cult release! 2 songs from the Japanese squad, which is already well known due to sharing the stage with their country mates such as Gorgon and Metalucifer. The first song is a mid tempo cut in the classic 80's style, and the second one (new version of the song which we already know from the "King Of The Iron" CD) is a pure headbanging hymn with fantastic twin guitars, in the glorious NWoBHM style. Allright, don't expect keyboards, happy catchy melodies and modern digital production. This is pure obscure heavy metal release, for all the heavy metal hunters and vinyl freaks out there! We also get great looking picture sleeve, incl. liner notes written by the Metal Master himself: Neal Tanaka. I'm not sure if it's still available, so hurry up: get in touch with Dozin Destroyer guys at Heavy Metal Wa Okite Da!

Welcome Home From Your Hell
Vengeance Is Mine (Version 2004)

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Bart Gabriel