Rosae Crucis: Il Re del mondo

Label/DistributionJolly Roger
FormatLP, CD
Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoalso limited edition LP-version. The Demo cover is postersleeve, the image has been drawn directly by the band.
Rarity grading
0 out of 6 - Not rare at all!


Die Songs wurden ursprünglich 1990-1992 geschrieben, aber letztendlich erst heute aufgenommen. ROSAE CRUCIS spielen melodischen Power Metal und singen italienisch! Das ist insofern natürlich erfreulich, da die meisten italienischen Sänger kein Englisch können. Die deutschen Zuhörer zwar auch nicht, aber der grausame Akzent stört doch meistens und fällt nun hier gar nicht ins Gewicht, weil er eben nicht da sein kann.

ROSAE CRUCIS sind sehr eigenständig und beinhalten Einflüsse von MERCYFUL FATE bis DARK QUARTERER. Dazwischen gibts Choral-Einschübe, Prog-Einsprengsel, epische Passagen usw. Das ist nicht immer einfach anzuhören, aber zumindest eigenständig.

very unique Heavy Metal from a band who made not really many albums in the last years. Epic stuff stands beside progressive influences and gregorian chorals. You will find a bit DARK QUARTERER here, as there is some MERCYFUL FATE-songstructures etc. Sometimes really hard to understand but powerful Metal.

It's when I listen to such works that I cebome sad... Sad for all the people who don't have them and cannot share with me such an incredible Epic Metal masterpiece.
This demotape is perfect from each side: the postersleeve cover is immense, the recording unbelieveable and the songs (all in Italian) are real monsters! This combo is the Italian reproduction of MANOWAR! Deeply convinced that Metal rules the world - look at the titles of the songs if you can understand the meaning. Speedy guitars, ass-kicking drums, obscure bass and a vocalist reaching tones never heard before. I strictly recommend you all to save money in case you will ever find an original copy for your collection.
From "La sacra corona":
"Era la sacra corona, era la sacra corona, era la sacra corona del Metal Ohhhhh Ohhhhh..."! (Andrea Grieco, review for the Demoversion)

1. Sacrem Reformationem 03:37
2. Rosa Croce 08:05
3. La Chiesa 03:55
4. Contro Il Mio Destino 06:55
5. Il Signore Delle Tempeste 03:35
6. La Sacra Corona 08:28
7. Il Re Del Mondo 06:43
8. Ballo In Fa D Minore (Angelo Branduardi cover) 04:58
Total playing time 45:09

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Stefan Riermaier