Arthur Falcones Stargazer: The Genesis Of The Prophecy

Musical styleHard Rock
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Arthur Falcone has been acclaimed, in the past, as one of the best guitarists coming out of Italy” by japanese, U.S. and german press. His previous experiences include bands like Halloween (btw, their Mini-Album, L.A.D.Y.”, is one of the best Glam Rock record ever appeared in Europe), Devil’s Claws, Foxy Lady and Laroxx. The Genesis Of The Prophecy” is Falcone’ second solo album, after the debut of 1988, but it’s not the typical virtuoso album under the shredding at the speed of light” flag! This is definitely an album that might appeal any Neo-Classic Metal and Melodic Hard Rock fan, as - off the 12 songs appearing on this opus – only 3 (+ the intro) are instrumental. The other ones are "first-class" tracks, with a special mention for the awesome Nothing More For Me” (think Europe meets Whitesnake) with top-singer Goran Edman taking care of all the vocal-lines, or the epic Don’t Fade Away”, the Rainbow-inspired A Stranger In My Dream”, and the ballad Sunset” (with Manuel Staropoli of Rhapsody Of Fire on flute). Above all, the talent of Arthur Falcone, clearly influenced by both, Ritchie Blackmore and Yngwie Malmsteen. To say more, The Genesis Of The Prophecy” is the album that Yngwie J. Malmsteen was not able to record since Magnum Opus”!

. Out Of Control 04:21
2. Oregon 05:46
3. One In A Bunch 04:55
4. Mandragora 04:11
5. Silent Runner 04:42
6. Eagle's Fly 05:25
7. X-Zone 04:04
8. Walking On The Sun 02:57
9. The Last Land 02:04
Total playing time 38:25

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Primo Bonali