Sweet Savage: Take no prisoners

Label/DistributionPark (Pkr 1001)
Musical styleNWoBHM
Additional inforeleased with black or red lettering on label. It’s probably 500 each. Limited edition of 1000 copies.
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


The first band of Vivian Campbell!! Some tracks written by Vivian during the Sweet Savage era, was used by R. J. Dio in his solo albums with Vivian at the guitar. I think that the talent of this guitarist is a right motive for to search this single.
What can I say about the tracks? The multicovered Killing Time” (Metallica over all) is on the B Side and the original version is not less powerful than the well known cover! A very Heavy and fast riffing for a NWOBHM symbol song.
The A side (Take no Prisoners”) is a little slower but with a very heavy rhythm. Outstanding single for the high quality of the songs, is also a very rare single nowadays. The band after this one released only another one single (without Vivian Campbell). Of the Campbell era is also interesting the song published on the NWOBHM sampler The Friday Rock Show”, a very powerful song in the same vein of the first single.
If you want to hear these songs without spend a lot of money, search the self titled bootleg CD, with all the early tracks plus a live recording (of bad quality...), or the Killing Time” official CD with the re-recorded tracks. Happy hunting!

1) Take no Prisoners
2) Killing Time

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Paolo Botta