Pandora: Saga

Musical styleHard Rock, Progressive Rock
Additional infoComes with lyric sheet
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


I'm happy I finally found a copy of this album since it's the only Iceland vinyl I was missing besides the second BOOTLEGS and FLAMES OF HELL LP, 2 records I'll NEVER own nor be able to pay I guess. I think the edition of this one surely wasn't bigger than 500, it rarely surfaces either. The quartet looks pretty young, not much older than myself in that summer. Therefore it's quite interesting to hear them playing such a developed style consisting of basically Hard Rock with traces of Blues and Heavy Metal and a huge progressive Rock edge. The most awesome track is "Finale" an almost 8 min long epic Hard Rocker that could have been performed by any late 70's US troop as well. I think PANDORA were highly influenced by LED ZEPPELIN, but definitely the 70's play a big role in their compositions. A Metalhead surely won't like this album that much, it's more to recommend for those in the mid 40's and older. Not a must to have but progressive Hard Rock fans will like 'em for sure.

Beginning of the Saga: Chapter 1
Beginning of the Saga: Chapter 2
Chapter 3: Someday all of us will die
Chapter 4: A cry of loss
Chapter 5: Hometown Blues
Chapter 6: Inspiration song
Chapter 7: Melika
Chapter 8: Join together
Chapter 9: Finale

Created / updated: 2011-03-03