Drysill: Welcome to the Show

Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoInsert with lyrics
Rarity grading


Iceland. A new chapter is just opening the gates on your want lists. It is very exciting to cruise through other people's want lists in the net sometimes. Reading the name DRYSILL on a sales list I remembered: Oops, this is a rare one. Without knowing anything about the quality concerning its musical content I purchased the vinyl.. No risk, no fun. "Welcome to the show" known to be a top 10 want list item... me not knowing that it will win an Olympic gold medal in my metal heart. You all heard of Norwegian band ARTCH . Lead singer "Eirikur Hauksson" aka Eric Hawk in ARTCH performs a brilliant job on "Welcome to the show".Before entering DRYSILL he was nominated as contestant for the European Song Contest. Unbelievable or "unfassbar" as some Germans would say..."Welcome to the show" reflects a kind of metal that could not be more typical for the mid-eighties. Starting with a TANK-riff and old JUDAS PRIEST vocals. Simply real Heavy Metal, pure like the water in the black forest. Sometimes a touch of BATTLE AXE but DRYSILL can neither be compared to TANK and PRIEST nor BATTLE AXE, attention. The Iceland magic catched me listening some milliseconds of this masterpiece. I could run down all clichés like "fantastic", "it rocks", "one of the best records I ever heard". No! You better get your ass out of the house or on your PC and try to track this LP down. Perhaps you will also be catched by the DRYSILL sound, especially on "Hlid 1" (side 1) with the pure melodic heavy metal tracks like "Left-right" or "Don't shoot me down". Make your own unique experience with this LP. Sorry for another item in the category "Outstanding metal gem", but unfortunately it is one.....In my eyes an ABSOLUTE must for every collection stroking our metal hearts and making us grin like a Ceshire cat. Finito, end of the German-English translation show.

Don’t believe any word! This record is ultra-rare, that’s for sure, but keep in your mind, that this item is just another average high-priced rarity. 8 songs with a good singer and a mixture between Rock and Metal, don’t waste your money for that crap. All the bands Mr. Daub mentioned in his review are much better than DRYSILL….and much cheaper, hehehe….compared to the immortal ARTCH this band is like a fart in the wind. Don’t buy this one without hearing it first, be forewarned!!!
(Stefan Wendle)

Mir persönlich gefällt DRYSILL recht gut. Es ist zwar wirklich nicht der Metal-Kracher vor dem Herrn, aber einige schöne Stücke sind drauf und sie ist weit besser als viele hochgelobte aber gräßliche US-Raritäten. Guter Gesang, nette Melodien mit NWoBHM-Flair. Feine Scheibe! (Stefan)

Anthem for the insane
Left-right (the night of dreams)
Don't shoot me down
We're coming to rock you
Welcome to the show
Play it loud
Little star (klassisk romance)
Fiesta for friends

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Peter Daub