Bootlegs: same

Musical styleThrash Metal
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Rarity grading
5 out of 6 - Almost impossible to find!


Destiny is a weird thing. In the review of BOOTLEGS' first LP I wrote that I'll never own their second LP nor will be able to pay it. Well, I was able to pay a copy since it's price was by far less than other records prices that were pressed in a 1000 copy edition and sell each 2 months for 1000 $. Originally "Bootlegs" was pressed in a limited edition of 300 copies but a misprint happened on the labels which say GREIFARNIR and BOOTLEGS now so it is said that this record was never officially sold and only about 30 copies are known to be spread. However, I can't say if this is indeed the truth but the labels do show that misprint indeed and I haven't ever seen a copy before. What I do know is that "Bootlegs" belongs to Europe's hardest to find Metal records ever. The debut was way too average sounding Thrash, moreover badly produced with rather crappy vocals, all that has changed on the second album. Production is top, instrumental skills have developed to a maximum and in places it's top notch Thrash what this quintet offers us here. To compare them with a well known band I'd surprisingly chose canadian OUTBREAK. To specify, the thrashier parts of their "Master stroke" LP, exactly the same passages that were later also adopted by their follow up band DISSECTION on their rude debut. The vocals are a different kind of corpse but fitting well to their style here and not getting on anyones nerves like on the debut. Good melodic solo-ing strongly reminding to OUTBREAK once again (yes I know it's sounds absurd) even refines the whole LP. What I don't like are the fun songs (all songs itself are quite short) that basically leave a bad aftertaste but however most Thrash bands had shit like that on their albums though I'll never understand the reasons why. What's a bit annoying is the icelandic language (the whole album was sung in icelandic) which sounds almost similar to japanese in my ears (the insiders do know what is meant). Still "Bootlegs" as rare as it may appear, is a must to have for every Thrasher, even though you'll prohably never behold a copy anywhere. But in case you find someone Kamikaze-minded enough to sell his copy, please don't hesitate too long. To get such a record far below 100 E is like a little jackpot!

Óljóslega Stjórnlaus
Blá Saklaus
Mesti & Besti
Vid Daudans Dyr
Gamli Nói

Created / updated: 2011-08-31