Missio: 1

Musical styleMelodic Metal
Additional infoTracklist does not appear on the LP cover, but only on the record label.
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


I think the most difficult part of this review is to transcribe the titles! Ok, just kidding. I wonder if in Hungary there are still a few copies of "Missiò -1" to buy at reasonable prices. This talented melodic metal band amazed me since I saw the bandpics: Dokken/Q5/Agentz hair look, that obviously makes their music a pretty mixture of the mentioned great acts.
But, overall, if you really like old school cartoon-themes (the robots, in particular!!!), you will surely find the rightest reading key of Missiò's music; in fact, songs like "O tudja megis", "Fold kiralya" or the pomp-anthem "Magany" has to me the same, fantastic mood of the great themes from the past (Vultus V, Goldrake) and let you imagine your favourite super-robot combine and prepare for the imminent battle!!!!
After this review you will think I'm crazy, but the effect that Missiò have had on my heart and my ears is exactly as above. Probably it's due to the strange sound of the Hungarian language, to which I'm not that addicted....
The great fantasy/dark cover is one more reason to go out on the hunt for this record. Good search!

Es gibt Scheiben, da reicht es aus, den ersten Song anzutesten, um zu wissen, dass sie genial sind. Kommt dann auch noch ein derartig schönes Cover Artwork dazu, ist es sicher: die Scheibe gehört zu den absoluten Highlights einer Sammlung! So auch das Album "1." von Missio aus Ungarn. Es handelt sich hierbei um lupenreinen Heavy Rock mit viel Melodie und Keyboard Einsatz! Die Songs sind allesamt schlicht brillant, strotzen nur so vor Spielfreude, Melodie und Ohrwurmcharakter, dass man beim Versuch des Mitsingens sogar kurzfristig ungarisch spricht...

Sometimes it is enough to check out only some minutes of the first song from an album to know it's outstanding. If then also the cover artwork is more than beautiful, you know it's a collectors' pearl! Such an album is "1." from Hungarian band Missio, which provides us with brilliant Heavy Rock. Each song is simply great, melody, riffing, refrain - while singing it, you'll probably even forget that you can't speak Hungarian...

Utolso Itelet
Atkozott Vilag

Eljön A Szabadulas
O Tudja Megis
Üres Az Eletem
Lehajtott Fejjel
Föld Kiralya

Created / updated: 2011-03-16
Massimo Machetti, Stefan Wille