Khaos: Forjado en Rocka

FormatLP, CD
Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoInsert with Lyrics & Photo Edition of: 500 Reissue on CD is available.
Rarity grading
5 out of 6 - Almost impossible to find!


I know that a lot of collecionist will say: "Hell, from where this guy found this record?" and the answer is simple, I am a friend of the guitar player of the band and he gave me some copies that I already spread through some friends, and I have mine of course! This band was very famous, not in the metal world of the eighties of course, but in their place Honduras where they even recorded a video clip for the song "Roleando" and aside from the great Inca Epic artwork from the cover, the music in this rarity is awsome Heavy Rocking Metal comparable to the best tunes from bands like BARON ROJO, THE RODS or OBUS! "En Llamas" is a great tune, it is a power ballad but with the elements to be very epic and powerfull. Other great songs are "Apertura Del Velo" a great instrumental song, "Reaccion Retardada", "En Las Garras Del Diablo" and "Jungla Metal", that are all classic metal songs in every league!!! You'll never know where you will find gems like this one, so keep on hunting brothers and spread the world of 80's true metal through the world! Hail!!!

1) Somos Rock
2) Roleando
3) En Llamas
4) Detras De La Oscuridad

1) Antes De La Erupcion
2) Apertura Del Velo
3) Reaccion Retardada
4) En Las Garras Del Diablo
5) Epilogo: Jungla Metal

Created / updated: 2013-04-05