Speedfire: 100% Live

Label/DistributionMolon Lave
Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoReleased as "Speedfire" for legal reason (band previously known as "Spitfire").
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Spitfire is one of first greek metal band who their fame went outside of Greece with the great LP “First Attack”. In 1990 change their name to Speedfire for legal reason. Also the line up is changed except the guitarist Loginides. The “100% Live” is the first and only live album of the band and is really 100% live, without any fixes on sound. The Lp includes 8 song. The 5 songs are unreleased material from recordings by new line up of the band. The other 3 are from “First Attack”. The new songs are excellents! Great songs! The guitars by Loginides/Tsamouropoulos are pure fire and the vocals of the second are very good! The rhythm section are very very good! One of best line up of the band! Two of the new songs the “Taste the fire” and “Fool enough” are re-recorded and included in “Die Fighting” album which released as Spitfire in 2009 with different line up! Also in this time band plays another new song in their live which doesn't includes here, the “Danger in the world”. This song also re-recorded and included in “Die Fighting”. The live edits of older songs are also greats! After this album band members split up. The Loginides won the name Spitfire and re-create the band with new members and the other three kept the name Speedfire and recorded some demos. Only one exist to listen the “Don't” which inlcuding in a Metal Invaders magazine compilation.

1. Lead Me on
2. What Do You Want
3. Tears
4. Lady of the Night
5. Fool Enough
6. Taste the Fire
7. Kid of Rock'n'roll
8. Whisper

Created / updated: 2013-10-20
Leonidas Sgourdas