Giorgos Tsigkos Kai Oi Mayroi Kykloi: Tetragonismena Fylla

Label/DistributionWipe Out
Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoTranslation of Band and title: George Tsigkos and The Black Circles - "Squared Leaves"
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


I wonder how many collectors outside of Greece took notice of this EP?
Maybe even inside of Greece there are a few who don't know that this guy (Giorgos Tsigkos) was playing Metal earlier, coz he's mostly known for being an alternativ Rock artist I was told. But this little piece with one of the ugliest covers of all times hides even powerful uptempo Metal ("Mavroi Kykloi") but the main interest this time lies not in the heavy Metal part, but in the dreamy epic songs "Tetragonismena Fylla" and "Eanoo Sto Mayrokokkino", both kinda semi-ballads with melancholic yet sad gooseflesh aura and an accoustic Rock touch (Nothing you have to puke for, it perfectly fits to these songs!) that get just interrupted by some raw Metal guitar outbursts or generally having a doomy background like the tragic sounding "Tetragonismena Fylla". Awesome piece that's worth a listen if you need to cry but can't or let's say the ideal soundtrack for "Sleepless in Seattle" and recommended for everyone into obscure/theatralic stuff, but it's pretty hard to find nowadays! But beware of buying his other releases blindly coz later songs I've heard were pure alternative Rock music...

01 Tetragonismena Fylla (Squared Leaves)
02 Mavroi Kykloi (Black Circles)
03 Ksantho Sto Mavrokokkino (Blond at Red-Black)

Created / updated: 2011-01-17