Yuma: Hey you

Musical styleHeavy Metal, Power Metal
Additional infolimited edition of 500 copies
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Quite powerful Metal is featured on this privately pressed 2-tracker. If ACCEPT would ever had though about getting alot heavier than their standard Hard Rock/Metal Mischmasch, it would have had prohably sounded kinda like YUMA apart of the more bearable YUMA vocals. 2 dynamic Metal hammers, with the B-side track being slightly heavier, in a almost typical Gama quality (means heavy direct in your face brawler style Heavy/Power Metal) is what's to expect here. The fact that they've only pressed 500 copies should give you wet panties too. A handful of copies was found by the band last year and found their way to the internet, but these are all gone now, so if you can grab a copy you really shouldn't hesitate too long. One of the better german Metal singles out there.

Hey you

Created / updated: 2014-01-01