Wishes Burn: Stay young

Musical styleMelodic Metal
Additional infoComes with printed innersleeve, insert and sticker.
Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


Seen by the musical presentation there's no important reason why WISHES BURN doesn't not exist in the www. Sure, they are a bit too melodic in places but basically "Stay young" shouldn't be missed in any German Metal collection. Quite typical solid german stuff here, even vocals are pretty much ok, super twin leads everywhere on the record, nice melodies, well worked out songs etc...maybe the keyboards could disturb a bit but for their style they do fit perfectly. Imo the heavier parts fits them better, but they somehow put their main concentration on the velvet Metal compositions prohably hoping to reach the girls hearts or any charts. No reason to hesitate...really. Many guys will like that kind of german steel!

We love the night
Stay young!!!
Yesterday's calling
Kiss me
Set the world on fire
Streets of danger
One lucky night
Reach for the sky

Created / updated: 2011-04-26