Viper: Bringers of disaster

Label/DistributionF&F Entertainment/D.I.T.S.
Musical styleDeath Metal, Thrash Metal
Additional infoComes with insert
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Another band from the GDR with a private/indie vinyl just like DEFCON we have here in form of VIPER's debut. Surely not interesting for the softies this album spreads the mood of those early 90's when everyone joined the Death/Thrash or Death Metal wave. "Bringers of disaster" shows two faces of the band which makes it a two bladed sword. Besides the rude death/thrashing tunes that fit them pretty well with their old MOSHQUITO like sounding vocalist, they added too many technical breaks that are showing the more classic thrashy side of the bands early days in the 80's but sadly do not fit to their brutal Death/Thrash that rules the majority of the compositions. However, it surely belongs to the rarest german Thrash vinyls and doesn't appears that often nowaydays and those who like MOSHQUITO's first demo shouldn't hesitate to get their hands on a copy.

A false of conclusion
Kill the last hope
Fire of wrath
Fuck you
Thoughts about death
Bringers of disaster
Screaming pain
The break
Beer here

Created / updated: 2013-02-27