Vera Cruz: Hot games

FormatCD, LP
Musical styleAOR, Hard Rock
Additional info-
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


This album is one of the few cases where the CD version reaches a hell more $$ than the vinyl itself. Prices around 800 $ aren't fiction, their guitarist even confirmed that fact. I was lucky enough to get his last vinyl via ebay for a reasonable price so I'm more than happy. According to his own words they got never paid from the label which folded 1 year after the album was released. He wasn't exactly sure about the editions made but thought that no more than 1000 copies had been manufactured. For that "big" edition it's quite interesting to see that you almost never see a copy anywhere. However, musically "Hot games" surely stands out on the melodic Hard Rock/AOR sector. The songwriting is over the top and so is the whole album, typically for german bands of that genre. It seems to me that the great german vocalists did all sing for AOR bands or something. I wonder why they haven't reached more attention, it's poppy but still heavy music in the vein of bands like the majority of the swedish bands or BON JOVI at that time (heavyness), but more essential and musically higher valuable (eventhough I'm a "Slippery when wet" junkie! Yeah!). A gem in the Melodic Hard Rock genre!

One way or another
Don't smash the mirror
Hot games
Lonely times
Slave of your heart
Burn me
Head over heels
Another year
Another beat of the heart

Created / updated: 2012-06-18