Tokyo: Back to the Fire

Musical styleHard Rock
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1 out of 6 - Getting hard to find!


I think my germans friends know TOKYO because this band was established in Frankfurt during 1979. This old musicians have issued three albums : "Tokyo" (1981), "Fasten your seat belts" (1982), "San" (1983). I didn't know this band and it's a chance for me to find this amazing CD called "Back to the fire", sort of "Best of" of the band contains 17 tracks taken from this albums including the introduction "Hajimeni" and "Tokyo" (Remix '95). Finally, the songs of this "Soft Hard Rock" are so pleasant to hear ! Even the total time is about 70 minutes, I want to find the albums on CD (if someone can help me, I take them !). It's difficult to describe the TOKYO style because they just play some good songs like "Tokyo" (simply but nice), "Hearts of steel", "Invisible", "Keiko" and "Too high" are my favourites with the unforgetable chorus (lot of feeling in these songs), some ballads are essential in
this style and these are not ridiculous (I like that too !). I feel some sincerity and energy in this band and its fresh music. If you want to taste it, enjoy !

1. Hajimeni (Intro)
2. Tokyo (Remix '95)
3. Hearts of steel
4. Dreamin' of you
5. Don't run away
6. Too high
7. Need another love
8. Father of time
9. One step away
10. Cryin'
11. Spell on you
12. Golden times
13. Jealousy
14. Carry on
15. Keiko
16. Invisible
17. We are the times

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Laurent Lahierle