Speed: Hurt my feelings

Musical styleHard Rock
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Rarity grading
1 out of 6 - Getting hard to find!


This 7" was completely unknown to me earlier and I got introduced to it by a friend. Well it contains quite cool rough Hard Rock not too far away from heavier KISS stuff or even the early great CACUMEN. Sadly the B-side hides a FREE cover version but played in their own SPEED style so it doesn't differ that much from the "Hurt my feelings" style which is the better number on this two tracker. Unfortunately there is no year printed on the sleeve or labels but I found a source that says it should be from 1979. If that's right, then it's a must buy for German Metal/Hard Rock lovers as there's nothing in the music of these teenagers that would suggest a 70's outfit. Personally I'd throw them more into the early 80's. However we're talking about 1-5 Euros here so better check it out till everyone finds out what hides behind this unknown vinyl. There's also a Promo edition available with different back sleeve (contains band and release info) which is naturally to prefer. At the moment due to the fact it's very unknown you still can find copies easily.

Hurt my feelings
All right now

Created / updated: 2014-04-19