Sleazer: Wanted

Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


Another hyper rare german single is SLEAZER's "Wanted", a piece that's giving you a real headache on the first view. You see the warrior bitch decapitating a dragon and the same time that name SLEAZER burns into your mind. If being an US band it would be clear that we have here some wannabe-Metallers, but Germans at that time (1984 was taken fom Metal Archives, on the EP itself there's no year mentioned and the stuff doesn't sound like 1984 either) has been more into the heavy stuff and so SLEAZER gave us 2 solid midpaced Metal trax that suffer a bit by the bad and loveless vocal performance. To be honest the band reminds me of any of these Break Out/Metal Hour Compilation bands, that in a way was nice to listen to because it's always great to hear some unknown underground demo band, but in the end you know that this band would never make it due to ineffectivity. Still an addition about the year, like mentioned above if this is really a 1984 recording I need to say SLEAZER have been a little bit swimming against the german Metal stream because I'd throw the material somewhere in the later 80's, due to the untypical vocals and rather "tamed" style (remember TYRANT at that time - pure Metal madness), but who knows I could be wrong...

Hungry warrior

Created / updated: 2013-12-22