Silent Scream: Devils delight

Label/DistributionPan Records
Musical styleMelodic Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


This one is pretty outstanding. The back sleeve looks like an advertising wall: Mc Donald's, Sound Aktuell, Trend Mode, Foto Studio Raimund Hackl ... they even had to beg for money at Mc Donald's! The two tracks are both pretty dynamic numbers though both are more or less very melodic, but their advantage was to have 1 (or 2) fantastic guitarist(s) with solid classical education so especially on "Devils delight" there are some parallels to the mid 80's YNGWIE MALMSTEEN albums, especially the guitar solos. SILENT SCREAM were playing in the same vein such as other south german bands like FIREFOX or BAD HOVEN known from the Feierwerk Sampler ('89). Melodic Metal fans can surely invest their money here, but once again the 7" is a bitch to find! Only seen it once ...

Devils delight

Created / updated: 2014-11-26