Shanghai: Yesterday's tomorrow

Label/DistributionMetal Voice
Musical styleHeavy Metal, Power Metal
Additional infoGatefold cover
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Although SHANGHAI's LP was released on the Metal Voice label, it doesn't even turn up half as often as you see the FORTUNER vinyl released on the same label earlier. A luxurious gatefolded sleeve with a hell of funny band pics wraps the record and there you can clearly see SHANGHAI's dilemma. They've tried to immitate the US Poser bands and this contains the make-up and clothes as well. Musically the story looks totally different, still the Glam influence can't be denied especially on trax like "Shock Rock" but on the other hand the everywhere beloved german heavyness is definitely there, leading to a kinda glammy melodic Power Metal on several trax (just see songtitles like "The veils of darkness", "Time to pray" or "A feast on the dead"). So if you ever hold the record in your hands at a fair and you are unsure if you'd buy "Yesterday's tomorrow" then please don't judge by the band pics. It's purest Heavy Metal with even solid guitar solo work. Unfortunately the vocalist doesn't sound too convincing though his voice is truly bearable, like a cousin of Ozzy Osbourne or something. Furthermore whenever I listen to "Yesterday's tomorrow" I feel kinda reminded off DIAMOND REXX in a way, both optically and musically, while SHANGHAI had a stronger european vibe naturally. Definitely worth searching for if you collect German Metal!

The truth
Throw the logs down
The last warning
A feast on the dead
Shock Rock
Time to pray
The veils of darkness
Opus X-3, Page 1

Created / updated: 2012-06-18