Science Project: Same

Label/DistributionOff Limit
Musical styleHeavy Metal
Additional infoComes with insert, blue vinyl
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Not quite sure if the band was called SP or SCIENCE PROJECT because on the cover and back sleeve you only find the SP logo everywhere while the labels show a ridiculous "Since Projekt" (lol). However, SP/SCIENCE PROJECT must be added to the post-Gama German Metal era bands that were representing the "New Wave of German Heavy Metal" just like SAINT VANIA, VIOLENT TOUCH, DAWN HAWK, NINJA etc ... eventhough SP were more or less an above average melodic Metal act delivering different material starting from first class Melodic Metal up to speedy Power Metal produced in the D&S studios and if the D&S label would have had put out this record I wouldn't be surprised to be serious. They'd perfectly fit in their Metal releases catalogue. And like the D&S stuff this record isn't that known nor can be found every day although the price is compared to the quality ridiculously cheap! Ok, they weren't the sweetest boys in town but they had a dungeon artwork on the other hand so there's no way to ignore them. Honestly a must have for every German Metal collector - high quality stuff with cool vocals!

Stay tough
Too late
Tears in the sand
Trouble in mind

Created / updated: 2011-08-16