Scarecrow: No reason to be sad

Label/DistributionWeed Productions
Musical styleCrossover/Thrash Metal
Additional infoBlue vinyl, handnumbered fold out cover.
Rarity grading
1 out of 6 - Getting hard to find!


This 7" was an enormous progression compared to their debut LP "Condemned to be doomed" that sucked horribly by the limited technical skills of the musicians. These Freiburg Crossover Thrashers even on the title track remind me to "Beast on my back" of the Crumbsuckers, very technical HC Thrash. But sadly they changed the direction on the coming tracks, perhaps a sign of the constant style progression from the HC band Beatifix to the more and more Thrash oriented Scarecrow. "Manipulated minds" offers even melodic influences expressed by some accurate twin guitar leads with a slightly NWOBHM feeling mixed with midpaced powerthrashing tunes. "Never again" once again is returning to the Thrash of the opener but this time adopting the slower/acoustic parts of "Manipulated minds" at places while on "Condemned III" (instrumental) again those melodic twin leads are dominating. However, it's not a bad EP at all and every Thrasher who can stand some serious HC vocals will have it's pleasure with it while in the contrary all HC fans for sure will be disgusted by the melodic twin lead guitar parts and the ever present Metal edge. The EP isn't that rare although I haven't seen copies at ebay for quite a long time yet. Mine has number 1398 so you can be sure that 1500 or even 2000 copies do exist. Just check out the www, especially Punk/HC mailorders and you'll easily obtain a copy for an apple and an egg.

No reason to be sad
Manipulated minds
Never again
Condemned III

Created / updated: 2011-01-17