Saint Vania: Wild century

Musical stylePower Metal
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Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Even tough being a private pressing, you can find "Wild century" being offered "quite often" for human prices if you keep your eyes open. Although being german it's not exactly a bad one at all. The typical german characterizations can be found here easily, in form of power, melody and not too forget a bad sounding vocalist. I have to admit that at least he can sing, just his teenager voice is causing the problems in my sensitive ears. "The black widow (from the Orion") pretty much offers everything that German Metal lovers are longing for. Traditional archtypical Power/Speed Metal with melodic touch and friendly greetinx from HELLOWEEN and "The child of the past" in general repeats that powerful style when also can't provide the black widow's speed during the entire song at all. But over all Hansen, Weikath and Co. once again has been the godfathers of SAINT VANIA's steel here too. "Wild century" and "Rose" on the contrary are both 2 more or less heavier ballads that let them appear above average seen musicwise. The virtuous solos are for sure a big pluspoint. Just a better vocalist is to be desired...however, nice record, worth to purchase.

Die Jungs von Saint Vania konnten sich irgendwie nicht entscheiden, was sie sein wollten: eine Melodic Metal Combo oder ein Speed Kommando. Anders ist die Mini "Wild Century" nicht zu erklären. Der Opener "Wild Century" und der Abschlusstrack "Rose" könnten als Titelsongs in einer Soap-Opera dienen, während die beiden anderen Titel lupenreiner, doublebass-lastiger und melodischer Speed Metal sind. Ehrlich gesagt: mir gefällt letztere Seite der Band besser. Zu seicht kommen die beiden ersten Songs, zu radiotauglich. Umso überzeugender finde ich die Speed Hämmer: geile Melodien, der nötige Schuss Härte - das passt! Kann man, muss man aber nicht haben.

Wild century
The black widow (from the Orion)
The child of the past

Created / updated: 2011-03-26
Stefan Wille