S.E.D.: Starvation

Musical styleThrash Metal
Additional infoincluding sticker, limited edition of 230 copies
Rarity grading
5 out of 6 - Almost impossible to find!


This one is pretty obscure, although I remember I've seen a review in any Rock Hard/Metal Hammer Mag in the early 90's. According to the bands own info they've pressed just 230 copies while the cover consists of a neutral sleeve with two large stickers on front and back. Sadly this can be considered just a Demo-LP or something since the sound really appears pretty thin for my taste. Rough underground Thrash with hints towards Death/Thrash but also quite a few accoustic parts which fit vocally better to their singers rather melodic voice. Unfortunately the musical presentation appears rather average. BesidesĀ a couple of raw thrashing OK-songs, there are also some almost ridiculous songs/song parts on the album that can only offer rehearsal niveau, almost laughable silly executed. Sure, the demo-production is giving them the rest, but bad songwriting can't be compensated with a professional production either. According to a letter that was found inside the sleeve, the band was working in 1993 on their second album and had changed the style towards Death Metal. Still to add vocalist and guitarist has been only around 18/19 years old when they did record the album in January 1991. For underground Thrash fans surely a nice purchase as there won't be much guys to own a copy of this super rare vinyl.

We want kick
Hey woman
Love story
Electric love

Created / updated: 2012-03-26