Rusty Nail: Girls get older/Diggin in the dirt

Musical styleHard Rock
Additional infoBand came from Frechen/Erftkreis near Cologne; two more singles from 1988 are rumored (details gladly taken!)
Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


Unfortunately there's no info found on the sleeve or labels which year this EP was released in nor whose musicians belongs to the line-up or at least which city they came from. I guess Spider Records was their own label, at least everything looks like a private pressing. As for the year, judging by their style and sound I'd suppose it's been made in the very early 80's or already in 1979. Hard to say really coz the Rusty Nails lended the original AC/DC sound and style for both songs and I'm talking about the Bon Scott era. Even their vocalist was trying to copy Bon Scott including such "awesome" songtitles like "Girls get older (but Rock'n'Roll don't)" which is really the truth...hehe..excuse me all ladies out there. What makes me wondering that we never heard about this band before is simply that "Girls get older" has pretty much of an earworm. I'm sure if any bigger label would have produced this EP they'd have landed in the german hitparade for sure! I don't mean it's poppy stuff, but it's simply a remarkable refrain that you won't get out of your head that easy. Besides the AC/DC influences there's also a big Boogie influence, typically for these early bands, that's why I mentioned the year 1979. Really hard to say when this one came out, but well, it's a nice piece for the older guys and I've never seen any copy of this before.

Girls get older
Diggin in the dirt

Created / updated: 2014-07-17