Rebirth: Hard life/Get out of my way

Musical styleHard Rock, Heavy Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


This ultra obscure baby was just recently discovered earlier this year and must be considered one of Germany's best kept secrets yet. Although there's no year to find it should be released any time between 1979-1982 judging by their antiquated late 70's sound. But don't get scared they're sounding equally to italian Metal pioneers such as VANADIUM or SPHYNX on their debuts, including the speed, roughness and organs/keyboards. Especially "Hard life" is making this 7" a total early Metal gem worth searching for, whenalso the B-side is just catchy Hard Rock in kinda NWOBHM manner. If you like SPHYNX' "Here we are" or the very early VANADIUM LP's then you'll love REBIRTH as well. Especially since the purchase won't hurt you, it's soo unknown, you can get a copy for 1 E as soon as it's up on ebay.

Hard life
Get out of my way

Created / updated: 2012-11-27