Pole Position: For the future

Musical styleHard Rock, AOR
Additional info-
Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


A very positive surprise was POLE POSITION's MLP, a band that made the absurd decision to design an absolutely eye antagonistical sleeve with even more non saying cover motive or band logo. If they'd at least put a band pic on the sleeve (because I'm sure some of the musicians had long hair) it would have been a little hint for the Heavy Rockers but the only sign to buy the record was the title "Hot, loud'n heavy" (which it was indeed). POLE POSITION's style doesn't differ alot from other well known vinyl bands from the Munich area from where they came too. If you take MAGENTA, BURNING HEAT, FIREFOX, BAD HOVEN or FOOLLHOUSE then you get a really direct impression in which drawer we have to put POLE POSITION as well. It's the melodic Heavy Rock genre and as known from most german bands in that genre they had been top musicians and songwriters in the same league as VERA CRUZ, AIDEAN, MYTHRA or KARO for example. Surely something that cannot be missed by guys into the melodic Hard Rock stuff, coz the quality is definitely above the usual standard. Highly recommended record ...

For the future
Hot, loud'n heavy
Ride away
Cold blooded Annie

Created / updated: 2014-06-08