Number Nine: Everybody's crazy

Label/DistributionArtifex Music
Musical styleHard Rock, Heavy Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Quite unknown vinyl that doesn't surface that often or maybe noone would notice as the sleeve as well as the band name itself are looking quite unmetallic. Only on the innersleeve you'll find some hairy guys. Musically in contrary to their 7 inch from 1987 NUMBER NINE finally managed to move on the heavier side, almost reaching melodic Power Metal fields with numbers like "B.J.P.B.". Basically the band's style consists of Melodic Metal and Hard Rock elements with Glam hints. But in general we must count them for sure to the second or third wave of German Metal bands, surely having a place alongside late 80's troops such as SP/SCIENCE PROJECT, VIOLENT TOUCH, SILK'N'STEEL etc. completely different sounding to the well known early "GAMA style" bands. Once again like on most of these late bands the vocals are pretty good, almost a mark of the bavarian bands (hailing from W├╝rzburg). A song like "Ruby" (ballad) could well be a top 10 hit of EUROPE to be serious, the guitar player really stands out with his solos on all trax. If the Hard Rock edge wouldn't be that equal to the Metal edge this private LP could be a top item of the german underground, but with that 50:50 Pop:Metal attitude the Metal crowd will feel half of trax are way too softish. One funny note, on the instrumental "Hocus Pocus" they've shamelessly ripped off a famous BLITZKRIEG riff of the same titled track!

Break out
Wipe it up
Hocus Pocus
Let us rock tonight
You're on my mind
Red rose in trouble
Chained by the action
Nine days wonder

Created / updated: 2013-10-14