Not Fragile: Lost in a Dream

Label/DistributionHellion Records
Musical stylePower Metal
Additional infoThis EP is released in the following colors/quantities (confirmed from Producer): - blue vinyl = 200 copies - green vinyl = 100 copies - red vinyl = 130 copies - white vinyl = 180 copies - pink vinyl = 170 copies - clear vinyl = 110 copies - yellow vinyl = 140 copies - black vinyl = 5 copies (Testpressing only, no insert) Discography: 1983 "Hard Rock" 4-track Demotape 1985 "Made of Metal" 6-track Demotape 1985 2 tracks on "Break Out" Sampler LP 1987 1 track on "Metal Warriƶr" Sampler LP (UK) 1988 1 track on "Iron Tyrants III" Sampler LP (US) 1988 "Who dares Wins" LP (UK) 1989 "Lost in a Dream" 12" (different colors) (GER) 1992 "Hard to be Alive" CD 1993 "Lost in a Dream" CD 1995 "The Return" CD 2001 "21st Century Ballroom" CD 2003 "Yesterdays Heroes" CD 2004 "Masters of Metal" Split CD w/Z-Iron 2005 "Time to Wonder" CD
Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


Second vinyl output, unbelievable fresh and powerful Melodic Speed/Power Metal, reminds strongly on ancient HELLOWEEN, and is just as great!
All 3 tracks on this 1-sided Maxi are fast, furious and played with loads of passion. Not a perfect sound, not perfect musicians, not even a real cover (only black/white insert) but they had fun and believed in what they were doing, you can clearly hear that, no matter what track you are playing. These guys had metal in there veins, they never gained much attention, but who cares?
When you have the chance, get LOST IN A DREAM, it's a perfect example of german Melodic Speed Metal. Also try to get the debut-LP WHO DARES WINS, another great release! The later releases are not that fantastic anymore, still above average.

Lost in a Dream
Break Down the Walls
One way to Glory

Created / updated: 2011-01-17
Roman Greindl