Morgan Le Fay: Schizo flowers

Musical styleHard Rock, Sleaze
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Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


Is the word "terrible" enough to describe this record? Prohably not ... a band with the name Morgan Le Fay and such a cover surely supposes true Metal, but Metal in general is what you'll search forever here! Not to hide that "Schizo flowers" is one of Germany's pretty rare private Hard Rock vinyls, I've seen an auction where the seller was mentioning an edition of just 200 copies, as long as he was serious. I've only seen it twice yet, but that doesn't mean anything as their mix of Rock/Sleaze and Hard Rock is pretty much unbearable for a real Metalhead. "Elegy" doesn't even justifies the term Hard Rock as it's a simple Rock number with undistorted guitars, while the opener is stilistically somewhere in the late 80's AEROSMITH vein (like "Love in an elevator" and that crap). "Hometown Blues" has at least some Metal tunes running in the background of the second faster part while the foreground features that wicked Harmonica and the first part of the track is just what the title suggest, hardrockin' Blues. And "Fools", yeah "Fools" (horrible ballad) you are if you spend the 100 Euros that the ebay seller once requested some years ago. After listening to this devilish product of mass destruction I really wonder why they've written on the label: "Do whatever you like! But, please do not destroy this record!" Is it possible they've been aware themselves that "Schizo flowers" belongs to the biggest garbage that Germany has ever produced?

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Hometown Blues

Created / updated: 2012-10-28