Magdeburg: Same

Musical styleHard Rock
Additional infoAlso released as "Verkehrte Welt" in Western Germany
Rarity grading
1 out of 6 - Getting hard to find!


There should be at least a few collector guys who already know what hides behind this East German band, as I've sent several copies across Europe and especially the greek guys totally enjoyed it. MAGDEBURG have been active and releasing records since the early 70's and judging by the partly different sound some of the 70's 7" trax were put on this their debut album. The most outstanding track is surely "Ebbe und Flut", an astonishing epic Hard Rocker that reminds in places of LEGEND's "The golden bell". You can also find several typical NWoBHM twin leads and who knows what would have happened to them if the LP would have seen the light on the british island, but they sadly lived in the wrong country for this kind of music. For fans of epic 70's Hard Rock it's surely a nice discovery, especially because you can find copies easily for less than 5 Euros anytime you want.

Verkehrte Welt
Ebbe und Flut
Harte Tage
Kalt und heiß
Teufels-Rock'n Roll
Wenn ich zwei Leben hätt
Raus aus meiner Haut
Roter Wein
Was wird morgen sein

Created / updated: 2013-01-01