Lucifer: Bloody weekend

Label/DistributionSunny Production
Musical styleHard Rock, Heavy Metal
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


The devil have sons, they called Beherit ... ähm Lucifer!
I guess the band name was just chosen to shock or something, there aren't hints for any satanic image on the sleeve and the band pic looks nothing but extremely shocking. So please, play the record first and then turn the sleeve to save yourself from that horror!
Quite impressive stuff here for german conditions, definitely not the typical german crap and especially not the typical orthodox german vocals. LUCIFER were hailing from Hannover, same city as the SCORPIONS but both groups are divided by worlds! Apart from the hard rocking opener which sounds rather average but has a pretty cool refrain, the other 3 tracks are absolutely essential metallic Hard Rock/early Heavy Metal with some parallels to early MANILLA ROAD ("Metal") including an slightly epic touch, almost the same sound but excluding Mark Shelton's vocals, which doesn't have to be a minus point in LUCIFER's case as like already mentioned, their own vocalist had a pretty decent voice too. So whenever you got the possibility to steal someone's copy, do it! Don't think twice, just do it! When they all will find out what hides behind the bloody guitar cover, those rarely seen copies (private release) for about 15-30 Euros will completely disappear! 

Daddy, Daddy ...
Sit down girl
It's all in vain
Behind my door

Created / updated: 2012-03-11