Loose Connection: Time to fight

Musical styleHard Rock
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Rarity grading
4 out of 6 - Incredibly rare!


I need to confess that I only bought this due to the awesome cover. I remember the seller labelled it Prog Rock or something. But the artwork and songtitles like "Time to fight" or "Midnight passage" had been too tempting to let it go and the price wasn't a barrier either. Naturally I googled the band but didn't find anything about them which tells me that the LP (in work) they were writing about on the back sleeve was never released. The trio hails from Dormagen and truly deserves a place in the early german Metal history. "Midnight passage" shows parallels to f.e. MYTHRA (at the same time) in terms of speed and crushes most of the NWOBHM bands of that time and especially the german HM band Nr. 1 ACCEPT. The track is a damn fucking hymn in my opinion, although the vocals could be bit more powerful, but that's typically german. "Time to fight" is way softer, but still great Hard Rock with little NWOBHM edge, particalury reminding me of the german band LUCIFER. I don't expect you to find another copy that soon, I guess I'll rip my copy and you might find samples on youtube soon. This band deserves to be heard! Never seen before!

Time to fight
Midnight passage

Created / updated: 2013-04-15