Lionheart: Remember all

Musical styleHard Rock
Additional info-
Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


This privately pressed little puppy of LIONHEART from the Augsburg area (Southern Germany) is rarely seen nowadays and judging by the looks of the musicians the year of release could be around 1985 or earlier. What makes it hard to find a correct year is prohably the absurd credo of this band which can be found on the back sleeve: "The 70's revisited with the hard-rocking sound of Lionheart". Especially "Walking the dog" apart from the 80's production could be easily labelled a late 70's number with it's antiquated Boogie style. "Remember all" fits me into the 80's, slightly heavier, slightly more Metal, but of a creeping style, semi-balladesk written, which turns into pure Metal when the guitar solo starts. Both tracks remind me more or less to any 3rd class amateur band but their guitarist can fire up some killer solos that's for sure so he's far away from being called a bloody beginner. Even the vocals are quite dirty with a little german touch so it's just their lame style that makes this 7" only interesting for german Hard Rock/Metal lovers. It's rare as fuck, but it's absolutely not a must to have at all.

Remember all
Walking the dog

Created / updated: 2011-01-17