Lake Placid: Rock is alive

Musical styleHard Rock
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Rarity grading
3 out of 6 - Extremely rare!


Now this one is truly a GEM on the early German Metal horizon! I actually can understand the prices that this baby reaches sometimes (80 Euros) because, and although they surely wasn't aware themselves that they have played early Heavy Metal, "Rock is alive" must prohably be considered the very first german Epic Hard Rock/Metal LP. At leasts strong epic hints en masse like on the godly, dreamy Übersong "Dreams" or already on the powerful opener "Resignation" opened a new door in the fading 70's german Krautrock scene (where they came from). I don't know where they've drawn their influences from, but NWOBHM hints aren't to hear so I guess they've created their own sound somewhere in the northern territory around Hamburg. The brutal power of metallic sounds arranged with epic keyboards mixed in the background of partly outstanding songs guarranteed them a place in the eternal history of the german Heavy Metal pioneers together with bands such as RAMPAGE, NO MERCY, SIN CITY, LOOSE CONNECTION or JACKPOT, though their sound was completely different. Detlef Gödicke, their guitarist/vocalist, was a blessed songwriter. I prefer this any time over the boring early ACCEPT Hard Rock albums. Unfortunately the aged Krautrock collectors are after this LP as well and they have a bit more money than common Metal heads are able to pay. So if you get a copy below 30 Euros you can be more than happy but that's a quite hard task!

Rasta man
Last words
Rock is alive
Lady of the light
Rock 'n' Roll tonite
Full of light

Created / updated: 2013-04-23