Kalaschnikov: The torture never stops

Musical styleThrash Metal
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Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


You and myself included may think what you want about this label, but it's not everything crap that Ingo Nowotny did release with Metal Enterprises although I have to admit that some of his bands are ranking beyond good and evil and it's hard to imagine that someone could believe they'd sell 10 albums at least. Anyways, you've prohably seen this LP often some years ago in the past but didn't buy it, well it was a little mistake imo. Nowadays this LP is rarely seen, but if it turns up it's never expensive so if you like german Thrash you better seriously think about to pay those few Euros. It's at least better than some rarer private Thrash stuff like Hellbreath and such. The "Satan of Usingen" (Ingo Nowotny) himself has co-written some of these trax and if this is the truth I have to say his musicial taste can't be as worse as his choice of bands. The vocalist is a black guy who's prohably from the US or UK judging by his name and there's also a guitarist mentioned in the line-up, the rest of the members are prohably studio musicians like on the last Thrashqueen album. However, the A-side shows pretty uninspired low level Thrash suffering mainly by the bad vocals, exactly what's to expect from ME with a few exclusions as heard in "The haunted house" and "Kill your neighbor". But then on the B-side you think there's a completely new band acting including a totally different vocal style but done by the same vocalist like on side A. He's sounding much more wicked while the musicial style has changed to some darker but still straight rude Thrash like f.e. "Defenders of justice" of DARKNESS or swiss CARRION with lots of variations and great guitar soli! The B-side of "The torture never stops" belongs seriously to the better german Thrash stuff, I'm not kidding here. They truly knew what they were doing!
But one warning, their second album "Desert storm" sounds like the german version of Thrashqueen including their vocals but sung by a male! A typical Metal Enterprises LP again! Beware!!!

Devil's Yo Hero
The Haunted House
Rockin By The Grave Yard
Kill Your Neighbor
Chosen One
Demons Rebellion (instrumental)
Video Monsters
Hell's Runnin' Wild
Demons Rebellion

Created / updated: 2011-01-17