Formel 1: 18 Jahre sein/Mach keine Wellen

Musical styleHeavy Metal, NWoBHM
Additional info-
Rarity grading
2 out of 6 - Quite rare!


I have never seen this 7" back in the GDR to be honest at our local HO market, it was so called "B├╝ckware". In Berlin it was surely easier to find (as usual, they had everything there - look at their leather outfits!!) but here in the Pampas you had to know someone at the HO to get this nice 7". For collectors of obscure Heavy Metal a must to have as well as for NWOBHM mongers since FORMEL 1 do combine both parts in one band. At the time of this release they haven't been any no names anymore, they were able to put several trax on Rock compilations in the years before all of the same NWOBHM style. "18 Jahre sein" spreads a Priest-ish flair while the band hymn "Mach keine Wellen" sounds somewhat Maiden-esque that if Paul DiAnno would sing here you'd think it's any bonus track of any japanese CD re-release of earliest IRON MAIDEN albums. Most ones do have their Live LP I'm sure, including both trax too, but what makes this EP collectable (beside the great music) is the fact that both trax are studio recordings. A treasure!

18 Jahre sein
Mach keine Wellen

Created / updated: 2013-02-27